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Communication to Stakeholders

Comunicazione interna-esterna (formato PDF)

Comunicazione agli stakeholders con politica sociale (formato PDF)
Comunicazione agli stakeholders (formato PDF)

Segnalazioni e/o reclami SA8000 PG 9.5_Segnalazioni- REVISIONE 2

Modulo Segnalazioni e/o reclami SA8000 Mod. 9 Segnalazioni reclami Sa8000


Tre Effe Tannery L.t.d is a business that bases its activities on the relationship and the communication with its
stakeholders. Stakeholders are individuals or groups that either influence or are influenced by the activities of a
business, by its products and services and by the related performance results.

Tre Effe Tannery Stakeholders are the Customers, the Employees, the Trade Unions, the Institutions, the Community,
the Suppliers and the Trading Partners.


In order to address such issues, Tre Effe Tannery L.t.d has implemented a Management System referring to the main
International Regulations on Social Responsibility. Tre Effe Tannery L.t.d Management System is compliant to the
requirements of SA8000:2014.


In this respect, the Management has issued the following documentation:


Policy of Social Responsibility

Code of Conduct


The General Management has implemented a management System for Social Responsibility that meets the standard
Sa8000:2014 and has set this Policy of Social Responsibility in order to make its commitment to meeting such
International Standard known.

For these purposes, the Company Management commits itself to making all its policies and procedures compliant


  • All requirements of the reference standard Sa8000:2014
  • The reference International standards and conventions and the International Labor Organization (ILO)
    conventions referred to in the Standard
  • The National law in force, industry regulations, contract terms and any other requirement voluntarily
    subscribed and adopted


The commitments to meeting Sa8000:2014 requirements and the implemented activities are summarized as




  • The Company does not abet, employ or support the use of child labor and maintains the adequate
    documentation certifying the age of the workers




  • The Company does not abet, employ or support the use of forced or compulsory labor


In particular:


  • The Company does not retain identity documents in original and does not provide any forms
    of deposit or partial deduction from the salary (as allowances, bonuses etc.)
  • All overtime hours are voluntary; no means of coercion, threats or penalties are used to force workers to
    do overtime work
  • there are no unreasonable restrictions on workers’ freedom of movement, including the freedom to move
    during breaks, for physiological needs, to use water, to access medical care or to reach places of
  • The safety measures adopted by the Company do not intimidate the workers and do not unduly restrict their
    freedom of movement
  • The working conditions set upon recruiting are not subject to change during the employment
  • The workers are free from any form of influence, coercion or threat that may force them to either take on
    or keep the job




  • The Company guarantees suitable, safe and healthy workplaces and commits to adopt all the necessary
    measures to prevent accidents, injuries and occupational diseases; for this purposes the Company has
    implemented all the necessary actions to contain and prevent all possible risks




  • The Company respects the workers’ right to join the Trade Unions: the personnel have been informed on
    their right to form, join and organize unions and that the Union representatives will not suffer any form of
    retaliation or discrimination whatsoever
  • The right to collective bargaining is guaranteed without consequences for the personnel
  • The Company neither proposes nor holds the workers’ elections, which are independently and freely managed
    by the workers themselves; their participation in this process is voluntary
  • All requirements of the Collective Agreements are met
  • The Company guarantees the openness for dialogue with the trade unions, proving to act
    bona fide during the negotiations with the labor organizations




  • The Company does not discriminate nor encourages any form of discrimination of the personnel whatsoever
    (such as those based on race, gender, social class, racial origin, caste, religion, disabilities, sexual
    orientation, family responsibility, marital status, trade union membership, political view, age or any other
    circumstance that might give rise to discrimination)
  • The Company guarantees that offers, job posts, manuals, leaflets, training material, relationships,
    posters and any other communication material are not discriminatory
  • The Company guarantees that any incident of discrimination is substantiated, re-examined by the Company
    and followed by a remedial plan
  • All personnel will have equal opportunities to apply and to be taken into consideration for the same
  • All personnel will be ensured a fair treatment for what concerns benefits




  • The Company will not use or support any form of disciplinary action or verbal abuse that would undermine
    the workers’ dignity
  • Any worker against whom a disciplinary action is taken will be duly informed and will have the right to
    both be heard and participate in any disciplinary procedure concerning their case
  • The Company guarantees that adequate and accurate records of all disciplinary actions taken will be made
    available and will provide evidence that all workers concerned have been duly informed


The sanctions imposed are of the following kind:






  • All requirements concerning working hours that are provided for by law,  by the national and local
    agreements and by the national collective agreements adopted, will be met
  • The Company commits to adopting reasonable measures aimed at informing workers about the nature and
    possible duration of those extraordinary circumstances that may lead to the  increase of the number of
    working hours, giving a prior notice that would allow them to get organized
  • Systems to keep records of the number of the actual hours worked and of the duration of the breaks will be
    implemented in a clear and transparent manner, in order to guarantee the workers the possibility to confirm
    their professional fairness
  • The Company guarantees that the records of the actual hours worked will be carefully and adequately




  • The Company will apply the National Collective Work Agreements with particular reference to the working
    hours, salary levels, time off and rest break rules as well as to overtime work
  • All workers are guaranteed the possibility to request information on their salary to the HR Responsible,
    who is required to promptly provide clarification on the subject, including information on the calculation
    method adopted for the salaries, bonus systems, benefits and for the incentives the workers are entitled to,
    based on the applicable law




  • Implementation of a Supplier selection and monitoring process that would also take into consideration the
    compliance with Sa8000:2014 requirements


As far as the possibilities of the Company are concerned:


  • The Management also commits to ensuring all personnel an adequate training on Standard Sa8000
  • To allocate resources for the implementation and improvement of the Management system   Sa8000:2014
  • To disclose the content of the Policy of Social Responsibility to all persons concerned, by means of
    communication channels and information activities
  • To involve stakeholders
  • There will be no retaliation in case actions or behaviors of the Company are reported as non compliant
    with Sa8000:2014
  • The Company guarantees verification. In particular, the access to the premises and to the reasonable
    information requested by the Auditor will be ensured, in case an audit is performed, with or without prior
    notice, in order to certify the Company’s conformity to the requirements of this standard


Workers and Stakeholders can send their reports/claims to the certification body INTERTEK:



Via Mignoli,2/A – 20063 Cernusco sul Naviglio (Ml)

Phone nr:02 36766350IFax. 02 36766302


SAI – Socia I Accountability lnternational

15 West 44th Street –New York, NY 10036

Phone nr: 212 -684 –1414IFax. 212-684-1515

Email: info@sa–


SAAS – Social Accountabi lity Accreditation Services

15 West 44th Street, 6th Floor New York, Ny 10036

Phone nr: (212) 391-2106 – fax: (212) 684 –15151


The Policy of Social Responsibility has been approved by the General Management during the review meeting as
reported in the Management Manual for Social Responsibility. The verification of the status of implementation of the
Policy as well as the possibility of a revision will be discussed during the next Management reviews.


The General Management commits to implementing, supporting and verifying the above Policy as well as to disclosing
its content to all those who work for the Company or on behalf of the Company, to making it available to the public,
to verifying its understandability, level of implementation and suitability, through the guidelines of the
Management Manual.




SA8OOO is a non-mandatory international Standard which sets a number of requirements that a Business must meet in
order to be acknowledged as Socially Responsible, namely, to have a proper conduct with their workers both form an
ethical and a social point of view.


The Company decided to certify to this standard in order to guarantee full transparency on its conduct towards its
employees, suppliers, customers and all stakeholders and to commit to a constant improvement of its business

The Certification Body will periodically verify that Tre Effe Tannerry L.t.d. fulfills its ethical commitment,
also through direct interviews to the personnel.





No form of discrimination will be tolerated (such as those based on age, race, gender, religion, political views,
physical disabilities, nationality, social status). All workers of this Company are called to mutual respect and
good manners and shall use polite language.



Honesty must be the key element of all corporate activities. Our Company commits to upholding all laws, codes,
regulations and all binding national and international directives.

No corporate objective can be pursued nor achieved in violation of the law.



Our Company must guarantee the provision of thorough and transparent information on our corporate policy to our
workers, cooperators and all stakeholders.



All our workers and cooperators are required to maintain complete discretion and confidentiality on all data and
information they become aware of during the performance of their duties.


Health and Safety in the workplace

All our employees and cooperators must, under any circumstance, pay the utmost attention in taking reasonable care
of their safety and of the safety of their colleagues, following any reasonable health and safety


Trade Union relations

Our Company commits to favoring good and consistent relationships with the labor organizations and the worker
protection organizations in order to best safeguard their rights.


Fair Competition

Our Company is guided by the principle of fair competition in business relationships with competitors.



The Management appointed its Responsible for the Social Responsibility Management, a Workers’ Representative for
the Social Responsibility (RLSA) and a Social Performance Team (SPT).



All reports that workers wish to file to the Company as well as all suggestions they may have on the Social
Responsibility standard can be placed in a dedicated box.

The anonymity will be always guaranteed.