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Conceria Tre Effe guarantees maximum competence and seriousness. We work according to all the highest quality standards. Here you can find all our certifications regarding quality control of products and production processes.

LWG TRE101: Leather Working Group

The LWG (Leather Working Group) audit protocol is a tool to assess the environmental performance of leather goods manufacturers (brands, manufacturers, suppliers, end users) worldwide. It certifies the effort towards ecological production and systemic management of Quality, Environment, Safety and Ethics, as required by market needs.

ICEC TS SC 410: traceability of raw materials

The search for market transparency also concerns the degree of control that tanneries have over their supplies, including knowledge of the countries of origin of the raw materials (hides), of the slaughterhouses and of the farms from which they come.

SA8000: Social Accountability

It certifies some aspects of corporate management relating to corporate social responsibility: respect for human rights, respect for workers' rights, protection against the exploitation of minors, guarantees of safety and health in the workplace.