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Innovation with a touch of tradition

History of a company made in Tuscany

Born in the Seventies, Conceria Tre Effe produces high quality bovine leather in the heart of the Tuscan tanning district. Tre Effe is the story of a family-run company characterized by the passion for leather and the desire to create a versatile, efficient and unique finished product: velour calf suede. From digitalization to the attention paid to the reduction of waste and environmental impact, Tre Effe is synonymous with innovation, without abandoning the characteristics of the Italian tanning tradition.

Teamwork and research

Continuous technological research and teamwork are two factors that have always distinguished Tre Effe Group. For this reason, in addition to a consolidated and formed internal team, we have chosen to use a consultancy center on external stylistic research and technological advice to support us in the process of digitalization. We also continuously test the chemical/physical quality of the product in accredited external laboratories, and guarantee its traceability.

internal processes

Our leather working processes are always entrusted to companies located within our tanning district and divided into internal processes and external ones.

In our tannery, we exclusively use leather selected with care at the origin. The processes of retanning and colouring take place within our company. Both carried out exclusively in tanning drums without the use of spray finishes, they guarantee a greater naturalness to the product, a velvety hand and an authentic look. Avoiding spray colouring protects greater safety at work and, thanks to the absence of harmful vapours and fumes, we have a lower environmental impact.

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external processes

The finishing and fine-tuning processes of leather are carried out both within Tre Effe and together with companies in our territory.  This synergy is the result of a partnership that has lasted for years and which aims to protect, as much as to enhance, the prosperity of the local community. A partnership that represents the real strength of the district and that Tre Effe is proud to support, thus helping to promote the common know-how and to increase the value of the community.

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