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Suede Velour SUSTAINABLE Aware


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Basic suede Sustainable

Our commitment for a Sustainable Future and a Conscious Consumption. We are conscious that we live in a precious delicate planet; our duty is to work in a way that is respectful both of our physical and social environment, without altering the features and performances of our iconic velour : our future is our responsibility. -43% WATER CONSUMPTION -1,217 kWh/m2 ENERGY -35% CHEMICAL CONSUMPTION ANTI STAIN WASHABLE. LONG LASTING AND DIY; Aware is also innovation and technical adds-on : - Anti stain treatment done 100% in drums. For an easy emergency action in case of a sudden accident; once the damage is done, you can quickly apply some water to the stain and dry the surface with any source of warmth (like a standard hair dryer or the typical washroom hand dryer). - Washable in any washing machine. Once back home, you can put your bag or shoes into any standard washing machine and clean your precious accessory using a gentle cycle without adding any bleach or softener. A gentle brush at the end and here you are; with your beautiful suede back to life. With this new concept we wanted to merge the guarantee of an high end suede with top performances in terms of color resistance, with the comfort of a product you can easily take care of at home. The AWARE product guarantees an improvement of the environmental performance declared by claim in compliance with ISO 14021 requirements validated by BUREAU VERITAS SPA with certificate EN. IT308389.